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What Shutterstock will be asking stock photo contributors to shoot in 2017

As Shutterstock appear to be the fastest growing media stock platform at the moment you’d do well to review what creative trends they expect their stock photo buyers will be looking for and downloading in 2017

They took information gathered from millions of searches and downloads, and built a report on what’s on the rise around the world.
This year’s trends reflect contrast – between the real world and our digital world, between nature and technology, and between the past and the future. Some of the global trends analyzed in the report also feature a mix of the old and the new, such as:

  • White Texture– Adding a 3D feel, this trend can be sharp, intricate, or reflect the patterns found in nature.
  • Halftone– Evoking newsprint, analog TV, and pop art, the beauty of halftone lies in the imperfection.
  • Head-Up Display- A sleek dashboard-style, with at-a-glance measurements and numbers.
  • Emojis– A truly global form of communication, emojis transcend language.

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