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Xposure photo agency ties US photo operation with AKM-GSI – Interview

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London based celebrity photo agency Xposure has merged it’s American operation with Los Angeles based photo agency AKM-GSI
A statement on the merger released to to picture editors in the US last week – titled ‘AKM-GSI To Represent London’s Xposure’ – quotes: “Media clients in the U.S. will now have instant access to some of the best celebrity pictures and breaking news images happening across the Atlantic,” said Steve Ginsburg, CEO of AKM-GSI. “Xposure has an incredible team of photographers and they’re consistently delivering some of the most dynamic and unique images to media clients around the world.”
AKM-GSI will also oversee Xposure’s archive in the U.S., “enabling the two agencies to bring the best in visual content to an ever-expanding American market,’’ said Alex Kantif, AKM-GSI’s co-founder.
An email sent to Xposure contributing photographers this morning quotes: …”We are always looking for opportunities to increase sales power and the merge is exactly what this will achieve.
Our vision was to offer photographers direct sales through the strongest photo agencies in their respective territories with no sub-agent commission and AKM-GSI, who shared our same vision, were the perfect match, so collaborating with them has been a very easy decision for both parties to make”….

↑ “The Taylors” – Xposure Photo Agency is a family run celebrity photo agency founded in 2001 by Managing Director David Taylor (centre) and his four sons Dan, Adam, James and Alex. caught up with with Dan Taylor, Sales Director, at Xposure’s UK HQ for a quick Q&A regarding the merger.
PAN – Explain this merger in a sentence
Dan – This really is a merger of 2 great companies. We shared the same vision in giving our contributors direct percentages in major territories with no sub-agent commission involved. AKM-GSI are true professionals and there could be no better match of two very strong agencies!.
…(3 sentences, I know, sorry!!!)

PAN – How will this effect Xposure’s contributing US photographers?
Dan – This will only strengthen their sales capabilities and potential earnings. It involves zero additional work or cost to them but with the added strength of AKM-GSI’s sales power in the U.S.

PAN – How will this affect Xposure’s contributing UK photographers?
Dan – Same as above

PAN – How will a UK Picture Editor get current Xposure US content?
Dan – The merger only relates to Xposure USA … Our team of photographers in the U.S. will continue to submit to Xposure as they currently do and we will continue to achieve the great results for them in the UK market as we always have done . In short, nothing changes in the UK at all

PAN – Will you be selling AKMgsi material in London?
Dan – No … Again this merger only relates to Xposure USA and U.S. sales

PAN – What does this merger mean for Xposure
Dan – For Xposure, this merger is a win win situation not only for us but for everyone involved. AKM-GSI are the strongest in their market as Xposure are in the UK and we now have the advantage of utilising their already existing sales force to bring all Xposure contributors a direct percentage of sales via the best platform. For us, it’s the confidence in knowing that we are strong on both sides of the pond, giving us the ability to offer contributors peace of mind that Xposure are without a doubt one of the very best in the business to work with!

PAN – Are you planning any other inter-agency mergers?
Dan – Yes. We are already in discussions with another agency whom we have worked closely with in Europe for many years who also share the same vision. As I said above : Our vision is to give our contributors direct percentages in all major territories with no sub-agent commission involved

PAN – What was the agency’s best selling photo last week?
Dan – Liz Hurley and new man and also Prince Harry with Cressida

Front page and inside double page in the Sunday People for the Liz Hurley and new man.