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YAY Images – a new image licensing option – streaming unlimited images

They say: ‘When searching for images, most of us use Google Images, but many are unaware that actually using these images can be a breach of copyright and therefore illegal use. “You risk is a potential lawsuit from a photographer, brand, agency or model”, says CEO and co-founder of YAY Images, Linda L. Johannessen. Image agencies, like YAY, want to turn these users into customers.’
‘The solution could be YAY’s new image streaming service. The streaming option lets users stream unlimited images directly onto their website or blog. The price is just $9.90/month for unlimited images, making it possible for all online publishers to afford legal images. In addition YAY’s innovative new image search is the best in the industry, and lets users search for legal alternatives to images they find online by just dragging-and-dropping the image into the search screen.’
The reasoning is that people use Google images because they lack the knowledge and a better alternative. Image agencies, like Getty Images, Shutterstock and Corbis, are still targeting professional customers that are willing to pay substantially for high-resolution files. A blogger, or online publishers in general, don’t need this. They’re looking for cheap or free images, web-sized, that are easy to use and edit.
“We wanted to create a product for online users, with a focus on their actual needs. People don’t need to download images when it’s easier and faster to just stream them. People need great images for their blogs and websites and that’s what streaming at YAY gives them”, Johannessen continues. “We have even made it possible to edit the image directly in the browser”.
Streaming features:
• Unlimited use
• $9.90/month, cancel at any time
• Free hosting of all images streamed
• Hosting continues after cancelled subscription
• In-browser editing, add text and filters to images ++
• 4+ million images
Watch it above – see it here