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Anne Bourgeois-Vignon – Lebrecht Music & Arts Photo Library

The latest Photo Archive News ‘brief’ interview.
Anne has recently been promoted to Picture Library Manager at London based Lebrecht Music & Arts Photo Library. The library covers archival and modern images of Music: classical & rock, opera & jazz, ballet & Broadway musicals, music notes and evocative illustrations.

When did you start in the picture library business?
About 3 years ago.
What were you doing before that
I was freelancing as a photographer and working as a consultant in the City.
How many people work with you at Lebrecht?
Describe your day.
I come in around 9 to deal with overnight website orders and emails, then progress through the day dealing with picture research and sales, speaking to clients on the phone or by email, looking at new photographers’ work, … I’ve just come back from Frankfurt Book Fair, where we had a stand, which was great, so I’m doing lots of catching up and following up with new clients at the moment!
How involved are you in every day picture sales decisions?
I deal directly with our clients, so I’m very involved.
Is the future totally digital?
The future of picture libraries is, definitely. But that doesn’t mean photographers have to shoot digitally.
Do you have any advice for a new picture library?
Go for quality. And stay in touch with your clients, as much as you can.
Which picture library web site has caught your eye recently?
Ours! I spend a lot of time tweaking our website.
Which papers do you read regularly
The Guardian, The Observer, Source magazine, Portfolio.
What activities do you pursue when you are not at work?
I’m involved in fine art photography – have a look at my website, ! I have shows regularly, and I work on commissions occasionally.
Which system do you use for your online library?
A web design and hosting company specialised in picture libraries called Xpertise.
Is it web based?
How many pictures do you sell overnight directly through the library web site?
That depends whether anyone’s died! Sorry that sounds terribly cynical, doesn’t it?
Where do you live?
Chalk Farm.
Family status?
How are your camera skills?
They have to be good – that’s part of my job. And I love playing with cameras!
Anne Bourgeois-Vignon
Picture Library Manager