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COVID-19: Hows the agency doing? Storm Stock

Here at PAN we are in communication all week long with lots of photos agency owners both stock and editorial discussing how their business is under COVID-19

Hi Will:
It’s a tale of two cities for us here in Texas. I own a travel industry company called Tempest Tours Storm Chasing Expeditions. COVID19 has impacted that company profoundly with cancellations and lots of paperwork, and monitoring of local government agency travel restrictions, and lots of praying.
On the other hand, we have our StormStock collection. It’s all digital, so as long as there’s Internet, it operates unaffected. When we shoot, we usually drive, not fly, to our location. Most of those areas are very rural and not under significant travel restrictions.  I would say StormStock has seen a small increase during COVID19. Naturally, we would love to see more. 

Martin Lisius Founder/CinematographerPrairie Pictures’ StormStock

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