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Lloyd Beiny – Chief Executive – WENN –

The PAN 60 seconds interview with WENN Chief Executive Lloyd Beiny (above left!)

What age did you leave school?
Where do you live?
Just moving to Hampstead, London NW3
How did you get into the picture library business?
A pal wanted some assistance in setting up an entertainment news & photo agency
What were you doing before that?
In the music industry as a manager and music publisher (Eurythmics, The Tourists, Eddy Grant, Dollar, Sinitta etc)
How many full time photographers work for WENN?
150 +
Where did you open your latest office?
New York
Describe your morning?
Bran Flakes followed by photos
Which picture library web site has recently caught your eye?
There are other picture libraries?
Which websites do you visit daily other that WENN and Photo Archive News?
GawkerBBCPandoraNew York Daily NewsFishbowl NYWhich newspapers and magazines do you read regularly?
All the British tabloids, celeb mags and trade mags
When did you last pick up a camera?
On holiday
What are you doing when you are not selling photos?
Selling celebrity news
RF or RM any views?
Favorite food?
Cinima or pub?
Ideal Friday night?
Me, Scarlett Johanssen, a bottle of Chateau Lafite and a jacuzzi in the desert
Ideal holiday destination?
Anywhere hot where I can’t get an internet connection or buy British papers
Lastly what advice would you give to any new picture library.
Come and work for me first.
Lloyd Beiny – Chief Executive
Beiny became WENN’s chief executive in 2001 after serving the company for 10 years as its Commercial Director. Before joining WENN, Beiny headed his own music publishing and artist management company in the music industry where, for 20 years he guided the careers of a number of internationally successful artists such as Eurythmics, Eddy Grant, Sinitta etc.
About WENN
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More than 1,000 media outlets based in over 25 countries rely on WENN’s unique global coverage of the very latest music, movie and entertainment news stories, photos & features.