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PAN 60 second interview – Jean Hosking

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Jean Hosking – Owner of FLPA Images, takes the PAN 60 second interview.

What age did you leave school?
Where do you live?
Rural Suffolk
How did you get into the picture library business?
It was a family business
What were you doing before that?
Working in Marketing, PR and personnel
How many staff currently at FLPA?
What are you scanning at the moment?
Plants from A – Z
Describe your morning?
Hectic, up early, 3 horses, emails and organising
Which picture library web site has recently caught your eye?
PMG Pictures in the States, a specialist horse agency, I liked it so much that we’re now their UK agent.
Which websites do you visit daily other that FLPA and Photo Archive News?
Minden Pictures, Bruce Coleman Inc and Google
Which newspapers and magazines do you read regularly?
Sunday Times and Dressage Magazine
When did you last pick up a camera?
What are you doing when you are not selling photos?
Trying to sell photos
RF or RM any views?
Both have their place
Favorite food?
Anything with friends or when all the family are together
Cinima or pub?
Ideal holiday destination?
Galapagos, I’m going in May !
Lastly what advice would you give to any new picture library.
Design a workable and functional website, be selective in what you show and don’t display too many of the same sequence.
About FLPA
FLPA represents over 250 superb photographers from around the world and holds 350,000 stunning images. Many of these photographers are highly regarded professionals and have been very successful in prestigious wildlife competitions around the world. All are dedicated to providing FLPA with stunning wildlife images on a regular basis and are committed to making sure that they never put the picture before the welfare of the subject they are photographing. We have coverage of the following main headings: birds, butterflies, domestic animals, ecology, environment, farming, flora, geography, geology, insects, mammals, marine, pets, reptiles and amphibians, rural life, scenics, trees, tourism, travel and weather. We also have images that depict mood, atmosphere, humour, action, habitats, texture etc.