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PAN 60second interview – Evan Nisselson, Digital Railroad

photo credit: Dave Yoder
He is obsessed with his camera phone, is a member of the Brown Food Club, lives on an aeroplane and he runs Digital Railroad….. He is Evan Nisselson.
Evan Nisselson CEO at Digital Railroad, Inc, a software and services company that is creating application services to help solve critical technical problems for creative professionals.

What age did you leave school?
I’m still at school – the school of life.
Where do you live?
In aeroplanes, New York and Seattle.
How did you get into the picture business?
Given a Nikon FM at 13 – I was hooked.
How many staff at Digital Railroad?
Forty full time + contractors
Describe you typical morning.
A Quad Expresso then hope to take a photo with my Samsung Blackjack camera phone on my walk to work, here’s my favorite: MorningWalkWhich websites do you visit daily other than DigitalRailroad and Photo Archive News?
I have an RSS feed from around 100 different sites – the news comes to me – some of those include industry news on Photography, Technology and Silicon Valley.
Which newspapers and magazines do you read regularly?
American Photo, PDN but mostly I read online.
When did you last pick up a camera?
Two seconds ago (Evan starts sizing me up in his camera phone, the cigars burning and he’s twisting all over the place, this is not a fashion shoot Evan??!!)
What are you doing when you are not on Digital Railroad business?
Thinking about Digital Railroad, mountain biking – I like to go downhill FAST! – and being with my friends.
What’s next for Digital Railroad?
The successful launch and implementation of MarketPlaceFavorite Food?
Italian and I belong to the “Brown Food Group”, whiskey, nicotine, caffeine and chocolate!
Bar or Cinema?
Ideal Friday Night?
With friends
Ideal Holiday destination?
Lastly, what advice would you give to anyone thinking of setting up a photo library?
Focus on your expertise and find a content niche that is unique that nobody else has…..don’t go average.
….the same advice goes for photographers, here is a quote Images have no value unless they can be seenEvan’s camera phone galleries.