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PAN Interview: Susi Paz – Freelance multimedia photo editor – on using photo library websites, keywording and stock photo searches

In this latest stock photo industry interview freelance multimedia photo editor Susi tells us the functions she likes on photo library websites, what she does not like and a feature she would like to see on all sites, how she searches for the right image and how she likes to be marketed to. Enjoy the read.

Susi Paz – Multimedia photo editor / Freelance
Location: UK Wide

How long have you been a freelance picture editor?
On and off 20+ years.

Where are you working at the moment?
In an office with a nice view of the Cotswolds.

What photo projects are working on?
An LA riot book, a healthcare campaign and a private dinner speech video for a royal function.

Which photo library did you last buy an image from?
Magnum Photos

Did you speak to anyone at the library?
Oh yes :).

How was their website for search and download?
Very good.

How quickly did you get the images you needed?
Very quick.

What is the best function on a photo library website?
Download high res button.

What features do you expect from a photo library website?
A good search facility and a prominent phone number.

What feature would like to see on every photo library website?
I love placing my cursor on top of a picture to magnify it with a brief caption. I like that very much.

Do you like to search a photo library first without having to register or login?
Yes, but I understand why you have to do it. I like seeing if what I want is in the collection first and then, if the nuggets are there I don’t mind registering. I love it when you register and you instantly get access, if I have to wait then I tend to move on and leave it to last.

When did you last visit a photo library office?
Before the word social became something you did online instead of in a club, pub or by a lightbox in a picture library.

What photo subject do you struggle to find good content on?
It’s all about the keywords for me, if the keywords are right then I will find the picture.

How do you keep up to date with your favourite photo libraries? Twitter / Facebook / Newsletters?
They send me emails or tweets. I closed my facebook account, thank God!

How do you like to be contacted by a new photo library or photographer?
Phone calls or emails, I really don’t mind.

Which photo licensing industry events do you attend?
Fotofringe BAPLA, and anything that comes to the UK if it has different years in different places.

How do you remember which library has what content?
On the whole I scatter gun my searches as you find things in the strangest of places. If there is something specific I’m after, say food, I will go to the BAPLA directory to see who is on there or look at who is sponsoring these days. That’s how I found The Picture Pantry, lovely photos, really lovely photos.

If you find a a cracking image from a library you are NOT registered with and something almost similar but not quite the ticket on one of your regular libraries, what would you do?
Cracking image, every time. Otherwise that would make me very sh*t. I don’t do sh*t.

Do you use Google Images to search for stock photos?

Have you licensed a photo directly from a Google Images sources search?

Which keywords would you use to find an image of a modern looking Full English Breakfast?
Fry up or British breakfast (just in case a foreigner did the keywording).

How do you keep in touch with what’s happening in the industry?
I always read (that isn’t a licky, crawly plug, I just do). I also like looking at The Drum and newsletters from photographers’ agents.

Pub or Restaurant?
Ye Olde Pub.

Cinema or roller skating?

Printed Magazines you subscribe to?
Stack, they send me a different mag from around the World every month.

Online magazines you subscribe to?
None, I really should. But to be honest I just don’t have the time.

iTunes or Spotify?
Radio 4, darling

• You can contact Susi via her Listing
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Thanks for your time on this interview Susi, see you again on the 23 April at fotofringe London