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Sam Barcroft Q&A – Opening The Manhattan Office

photo credit Alan Davidson
Over a new series of short Q&A’s will be exploring the people, the products, the services and the events that make our industry tick. The interviews are designed to be a ‘get-to-know-the- subject’ service for readers. First up – Sam Barcroft on opening his first U.S. office.

Why did you feel Barcroft Media needed an American office?
We’ve been producing lots of material out of America recently and we wanted a hub to coordinate everything from.
How easy was it setting up a U.S. office? – lots of red tape?
No – surprisingly straight forward.
How long did it take you to organize the office?
Around six months.
Describe the staff in the office – what’s the set up?
We have a team of three full time journalists backed up by freelancers and managers.
How far is the nearest Starbucks?
Opposite the office on Avenue of the Americas – with a Pret a Manger a couple of blocks away. Just like home!
How does business in America differ from the UK?
Far more financially motivated in downtown New York than in London.
How have you been received by media owners in NY?
We have yet to discover that.
You recently told image suppliers you were going to use Getty Images as an agent for worldwide sales, explain your reasons.
We have set up a syndication deal which retains our best independent agents in twenty countries, and utilizes Getty Images for 32 other countries. Amongst other things, this arrangement is designed to minimise our exposure to other independent agents’ financial problems.
Have you signed up any new photographers in your short time in NY?
We have had lots of enquiries but it’s early days yet. Our first priority is getting the best possible exclusives for our clients rather than trying to represent thousands of images.
Are you finding it easier to sell images into U.S publications now you are based in New York?
We are a production only office and our USA representatives are
How long are you back in the UK for?
Hopefully a decent stretch!
CONTACT: Barcroft Media U.S.Office:
+1 212 564 8159
2nd Floor
989 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY
United States
about Barcroft USA.
Based in the heart of Manhattan, Barcroft USA’s team of journalists, videographers and photographers will produce high value exclusive editorial content for newspapers, magazines, websites, TV news channels and documentary makers across the world.
They will provide a full service news bureau that will work on commission to supply reporters, photographers and resources to companies who require a high quality, reliable and trustworthy service that understands their needs and which will give them extra capabilities in one of the world’s most important cities.
News production will be headed by James Nye, formerly based at Barcroft Media’s Indian operation in Delhi. Features will be run by Isla Harvey, an award winning writer who comes via Barcroft’s London HQ.
The launch of the Barcroft USA office adds to Barcroft Media’s network of news bureaux in London, New Delhi and Melbourne.
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