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120 Years of ILN – Yours for $600,000

The Illustrated London News
ABE Books is listing a complete 120 year run from volume 1 (1842) for $600,000 (c.£384,650), but please note the buyer is up for the shipping costs also, all 2 tons of it!
To buy (or look) click here
Incredible complete collection from Volume 1 #1 of May 14, 1842–through 1962 = 120-year consecutive run, or 6,240+ individual issues bound in over 300 large heavy folio books, many by the publisher. Many thousands of beautiful wood engravings fill the 19th Century issues; and, all the great events of history, inventions, celebrities, sports, crime, war (American Civil War, too & they were on the Confederate side) are recorded in picture and word. All on high-quality paper meant to last for centuries. Also includes the large, folding supplements & color items. Similar to America’s “Harper’s Weekly” in style & format. The Entirety $600,000. plus shipping costs anywhere. Weight approximately 2 tons! Consecutive runs like this are virtually extinct.