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Backgrid launches photographer image sales tracking portal – incl’s photog ranking

Celebrity media agency Backgrid have rolled out a new image sales reporting portal for all UK contributing photographers.

The new platform called myBackgrid will benefit from a similar version which has been running for a year at the Backgrid US offices – so it’s tried and tested! The portal was introduced to the agency’s photographers last Friday and was quickly praised as Dan Taylor at the Backgrid UK office told PAN, “We found the uptake on the platform instant and it was really encouraging to get immediate messages of thanks back from our contributors after they had logged in and digested the features.”

myBackgrid works like a photographers image management system showing up to date shoot sales – ‘almost in real time’ – the build up of sales commissioned earned and image sales history – even ranking you against all the other contributing Backgrid photographers …oh and they added a reporting page so if you spot one of your images being used on social media, you fill in the details and the agency will then chase the usage fee backing up the agency’s web bot image tracker.


Here’s a snip from the myBackgrid introducer email which ran on Friday to contributors:

‘This is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly portal offering fast, streamlined payments and reporting. It also hosts its own content ingestion, archival, and distribution system built from the ground up for clients and contributors alike.

myBackgrid marks a new-age upgrade of our sales and accounting systems and is better and quicker than ever: fast sales and collections updates, lightning-fast reporting, unparalleled transparency, streamlined access to commission reports, a beautiful gallery, and all the information you’d ever want or need. Further, in the age of viral media, the portal offers easy solutions for vigorously enforcing intellectual property rights to safeguard the livelihood of the many contributors it represents: on social and beyond.

We are extremely excited to open up the portal to you today and we are sure that you will enjoy having access to a transparent system where you will be able to view all of your key sales information.’










A few of the key features we like on the new sales portal include:
• The ability to view all of your image sales history with the agency via a graph which easily shows you which sets worked best for you.
• Check expenses on a particular job against individual sales on the image set you shot – so if you had to travel abroad for the shoot you can get an idea of how best to plan the next trip – a cheaper hotel …a couple less beers.
•  Customise the reports to your own requirements, the platform is packed with every business management tool a busy celebrity photographer could need – PAN had a tour – it’s like Google analytics for your images!
• Redeem sales commissions directly from the portal with the click of a button  – once verified by the Backgrid office the commissions transfer directly to you bank account – up to four times a month.
• Mobile ready.

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