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Alamy Adjusts Contributors Royalties Down – It’s 50/50 Now

Alamy has announced changes to the percentage of royalties it pays to contributors in order to fund expansion plans. A reduction in commission rate from 60% to 50%.
The new terms will be:
• Alamy Blue: Alamy commission 50%, Contributor commission 50%
• Alamy Distribution: 40% to the Distributor, 30% to Alamy, 30% to the Contributor
• If you are on the discontinued Green and Red models your commission will also be reduced by 10 percentage points.
• The split for video sales remains unchanged at 50%.

Commenting on the changes, James West CEO of Alamy said, ‘We’re investing for our future. When we last made a change to the commission rates it was to fund our expansion into the US and today that area of the business accounts for over 40% of our sales. We are going to invest the extra revenue from this change in R&D, new products and services and new marketing initiatives. In fact, we have made some significant investments already. Last week we announced the introduction of Alamy iQ* and in October we introduced an enhanced search tool designed for the creative industries. We have ambitious plans to gain market share from our competitors and grow the business’.

*Alamy iQ launched last week watch all about it here:

Alamy iQ is set to redefine the way global organisations buy, use and manage their visual media assets. Alamy iQ offers customised rights and rates and enhanced search features. It will complement or replace existing asset management systems, help speed up decision making and eliminate risk.