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At fotofringe London: ArenaPAL – new photo collections for 2015

Image buyers make sure you head to the ArenaPAL table at fotofringe London April 23 to explore these new collections now being represented for licensing:

• Royal College of Music – Classical Music and Opera
Over 100 paintings of eminent composers and musicians, archival quality instrument photography with expert metadata description, full colour caricatures, black and white postcards, plus our ongoing digitisation scheme opens the museum’s archives to a new level of availability for professional picture buyers.

• Collection Christophel – Cinema and TV
With over 200,000 images now available (and growing) this is one of France’s largest film still libraries, charting USA, UK and worldwide cinema from the silent era to today’s blockbusters.

ArenaPAL also represent the image collections of many major cultural institutions including:

• The Royal Opera House
• University of Bristol Theatre Collection
• The Mander and Mitchenson Archive
• The Royal Academy of Dance
• Boosey and Hawkes Archive