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At Fotofringe: Win a traditional Inuit woman’s knife …’it’s bad luck for men to use one!’

As the prize in their business card raffle at Fotofringe this year, Arcticphoto will be giving away a way a traditional ‘Ulu’ (an Inuit woman’s knife). This beautiful knife which has a curved steel blade and caribou antler handle, was handmade by Uvdlorianguaq, an Inuk who lives in the village of Qaanaaq in North Greenland, only 800 miles from the North Pole. The basic design of these Ulus has changed little over several thousand years. Traditionally, Inuit women use them for everything from scraping skins, sewing, to cutting meat, but They are also handy in the kitchen for chopping herbs etc.

This knife does come with a caution, It’s bad luck for men to use them!

Arcticphoto are on Stand BB/16