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CEPIC AGM – New board voted in for two years

the new CEPIC Board From left to right: Pieter Doorman, Anders Lusth, Lars Modie, Alfonso Gutierrez, Edith Stier-Thompson, Stefan Wittwer, Véronique Martingay, John Balean, Sylvie Fodor © CTK Photobank/Marta Perez CEPIC

As the CEPIC 2013 Congress gets underway in Barcelona the association has announced it’s new board members for 2013 – 2015

President is Alfonso Gutierrez (Spain/ AEAPAF / Age Fotostock)
Vice president Edith Stier-Thompson (Germany/ BVPA / DPA)
Treasurer Stefan Wittwer (Switzerland/ SAB/ Prisma)

Committee members at large are:
John Balean (UK/ BAPLA/ TopFoto)
Pieter Doorman (Netherlands/ NL Images/ ImageSelect)
Anders Lusth (Sweden/ SBF/ Johner)
Véronique Martingay (France/ SNAPIG/ La Collection)
Lars Modie (Sweden/ BLF/ IBL)

Outgoing President Christina Vaughan announced on Linkedin: “Today, I step down as President of CEPIC after 4 years. Feel terribly proud of our legacy, 4 amazing & profitable international conferences starting in Dresden then Dublin then Istanbul and finally brought it home to London last year. CEPIC now is the voice of the picture industry and more international than ever with a clear vision for the future. But, all good things come to an end and I am even more excited about the next phase. My last AGM as President is at 2pm and then the new Elections. I want to thank everyone for all the amazing support and goodwill these past four years.”

• See our 2012 interview with Christina here
• BERLIN was selected as the next Congress venue in June 2014