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Copyright to clear: 1962 Hockney David image – Photographer “Smedley”

Update: Copyright cleared
Will, Good news – I have managed to make contact with relatives of the photographer ‘Smedley’, so this case can be closed now. Thank you for your help.
Tom Watkinson, Blakeway Productions, London

Do you own the © on this image?

Original article publisged 9 June 2014
This image and request in from Tom an Assistant Producer at a London Film production company:

Dear Will,
I hope this email finds you well.
It’s been recommended I contact you by Suzy at TopFoto, as we are trying to track down a photographer, the details of which are as follows:
We are looking to use a photograph that was published in “Town” magazine, in 1962.
It is a photograph of artist David Hockney standing next to his painting “Life Drawing for a Diploma”.
We found the article in the British Library in order to find the photographer (see attached for scan).
Unfortunately he/she is just listed as “Smedley”.
I wondered if you could offer me some advice on how to best go about finding out exactly who this is and clearing the photo accordingly?

Do you happen to have a database of photographers that would might be able to have a quick search in on my behalf?
Any help you could provide us on this would be hugely appreciated.

• If you Are or Represent Smedley please contact and I will pass your details on.
• UPDATE: Tom is working with the Hockney estate (thanks Julia at Laurence King for their details) but still requires clearance on this image from the photographer.