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Updated: Copyright to clear: Photographer Richard Dormer – Margot Fonteyn image 1960

Update 17 Nov 2018  – See more Richard Dormer update HERE

Update 7 August 2018 – This in from a relative of Richard:

Hello Will,
I lived in Canada for my early life, moving to London in 1979…Dick was living in Baron’s Court at that time, he had a Garden flat with his studio in the Garage. Paco Torres, who was also a photographer lived with him then. At that time both Dick and Paco were doing a lot of catalogue work…it paid the bills. I don’t have any photos from then. Although I remember they took photos for Harrods and Selfridges and Harvey Nicks Christmas catalogues…the grander end of catalogue work.
I married and moved to Saudi in 1984, so lost touch with Dick until I returned in March 1985. My eldest daughter was born in November, and when she was about 4 months old I registered her for Canadian citizenship. I needed passport photos of her and asked Dick if he could take them….ever obliging he said yes and we went to see him at Baron’s Court. He took a whole roll of film, none of which were suitable but he gave me the negatives and the contact sheet…which my daughter has framed!
We moved to Texas in 1990 and again I lost touch with Dick, for the 5 years we were in Houston. Upon my return, I discovered  he had sold his house in Baron’s court and bought a large ground floor Garden flat in Wimbledon, just off the common. He had 2 dogs, both Pugs, and so lived near where he could walk them daily.
Dick had a great eye and his apartment was very elegant, warm and welcoming, full of books, antiques and flowers. He surrounded himself with comfort. He was a great cook and made amazing meals. His kitchen had an old dresser loaded with old Majolica green plates and serving dishes. His social life was very hectic and he had a great many grand friends and companions. He was a wonderful raconteur and told some amazing stories.
The Dormer family is the 6th Oldest Catholic Family in  England, arriving with the Norman Conquest…consequently there are some interesting characters in the family history. The Duchess of Ferria was a Dormer and Lady in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth 1. Since the family were recussiants, one of the members of the Gunpowder Plot was a Dormer. More recently Sir Cecil Dormer, was the first Catholic Diplomat in 350 years! He was secretary to Lord Balfour and present at the meeting for the Balfour Commission dividing up the Middle East and Israel. Sir Cecil was instrumental as British Ambassador to Norway, in aiding the Norwegian Royal Family to escape to Britain in advance of the Nazi invasion…Dick was in the navy during the war and was one of the sailors on the ship that brought the Norwegians to England.
He lived an eventful life, busy and full, artistic and amusing.
Finally as afterthought : apparently Dick was the first photographer to take models out of the studio and onto Locations!


Update: 12 Dec 2017 – another request just in for Richard.
If you know where the collection is represented please email

Update: June 1 2015 – Second request for Richard Dormer copyright clearance in.

First published 12 May 2015The Royal Opera House in the UK are looking to clear usage on an image beleived to be by photographer Richard Dormer.
“The only details I have are that it is an image of Margot Fonteyn as Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty (dated 1960). We are attempting to clarify who owns the rights to the photography with a view to using the image in a Royal Ballet diary, which will be produced under licence.” “I understand that he was a fashion photographer in the sixties and seventies – and have contacted Conde Nast (Dormer had done a number of shoots for Vogue) in the hope that they may be able to provide the information needed but have had no response as yet. I can find no information on the photographer other than a few shots of his on fashion sites. And to further muddy the waters, given that he shares a name with a Game of Thrones actor, Google searches have proved less than helpful.”

“The particular image is listed as New York Public Library, although on contacting them they say they have no contact for him or his estate on their database, and do not hold copyright on his images.”

Answers on an email –