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David Redfern Memorial – An evening at Ronnie Scott’s – the industry remembers

↑ Gwyn Headley of fotoLibra © Suzan Moore

12 eulogies for David Redfern were heard at Ronnie Scott’s last Tuesday (Jan 13th). fotoLibra boss Gwyn Headley wrote about the occasion the following morning. … ‘I’m honoured to have been asked to say a few words. I’ve always wanted to play Ronnie Scott’s, but not like this.’
‘David and I met in 1980. My company HPR was doing the publicity for Pete Townshend’s Eel Pie Publishing, run by John Brown. John showed me a book of splendid photographs of jazz musicians, and asked “Reckon you can do anything with that?” I reckoned we could, and we launched David Redfern’s Jazz Album into the bestsellers’
…’Range Rovers weren’t quite as solid then as they are now, and one year David limped into Frankfurt with a fuel leak gushing under the bonnet. He rolled to a stop outside the main Fair entrance, and a curious crowd gathered. A German with a fag in his mouth leant over to take a closer look until David spotted him and bellowed “NICHT RAUCHEN YOU WANKER!”’…
Read his excellent article here Son Of A Preacher Man

Other’s remembering David from the photo library industry were:
↑ Matt Butson from the Hulton library/Getty Images © Suzan Moore

↑ Ex-BAPLA head Linda Royles © Suzan Moore

↑ Sal Shuel © Suzan Moore

↑ David in style © Duncan Raban

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