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Demotix Launch App + Site Ad Rev-Share Deal For Photographers

Photo news wire agency Demotix have a couple of announcements this morning, firstly they have launched an iPhone App (above left) They say: ‘While a lot of reporters currently upload breaking news from Wi-Fi hotspots and internet cafes near where they’re shooting, the app will now let them cover the basics quickly using their phone’s 3G connection and follow up later with a more detailed story and professional-quality images from their main camera.
It also provides a less conspicuous way for reporters to report news from places where being seen with a camera might draw unwanted attention.’
Second announcement – Demotix founder Turi Munthe told this morning: “We’re going to be paying out 80% of all our advertising revenue from (top right) to the 100 contributors who get the most pageviews on their stories each month. As far as we know, no other news site does this. There’s even one or two who have made headlines by not sharing the ad revenue they’ve made off the backs of contributors – though of course, we wouldn’t name names, Arianna.
We’ve reached a point where is getting enough traffic to justify our adding advertising to the site, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. With 400,000 unique visitors each month, generating 1.3 million pageviews, we can add a small chunk onto our revenue stream.”

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