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Depositphotos launches AI generator using commercially safe images

Stock photo library Depositphotos are up and running with their AI image generator which will generate commercially safe content.

They say: ‘Developed in partnership with, a holistic visual generative AI solution, the tool leverages innovative algorithms and ethical principles to address the business challenges of generating commercially safe content. Now, you can create licensed, unique, and high-quality visuals in just a few clicks.’

Here’s how the licensing on this works:

1. Commercial use
Images generated with our AI Generator are provided under the Standard license and are suitable for digital and print use, including advertising and marketing, UI designs in websites and apps, product packaging, newspapers and magazines, book design, and more.

2. Exclusive licensing
With your specific prompt, that image is licensed solely to you. It won’t be added to our stock library or made available for use by others. This provides the level of security and uniqueness essential for today’s creative efforts.

3. Legal safety
Each image is generated with an understanding of the legal landscape, ensuring that no copyrighted logos, objects, or any other elements that could pose a risk in commercial settings are included. You can use these images in your campaigns without fearing copyright infringement.

4. High image quality
Our AI Generator produces images with a resolution of 2048×2048 pixels, suitable for a wide range of applications. For projects requiring higher resolution, the images can be upscaled using the Image Upscaler, enhancing their size without compromising quality.

5. Easy to use
The AI Generator equips you with the ability to create stunning images that were once only possible with advanced graphic design skills. All you need to do is type in a detailed description of the image you’d like to generate in the prompt field and receive four unique images for your projects and campaigns.

Have a go here.

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