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Dreamstime photo agency offers AI tech to 3rd parties

“We are constantly innovating and seeking new ways to contribute to the improvement and growth to the industry. AI is not just the latest technological fad; it has real potential to shape the future of just about every aspect of life, and it has immense potential especially in stock photography,” said Serban Enache, CEO and cofounder of Dreamstime. “We are releasing this tool for other companies to use so they can reap the same benefits that this technology has provided Dreamstime.”

Dreamstimes’s AI platform is called PhotoEye – it’s a customisable solution offering users content filtering, copyright and logo detection, model release count, automatic keyword suggestion, smart cropping, privacy tools and scalability to improve results for companies and their customers.

Dreamstime’s AI offers an advantage over generic models as it learns based on feedback from human photo editors, giving it an edge as it is directly tailored to visual content. This feedback reduces the number of false positives flagged in the screening process and overall improves the tool’s performance. Get a demo HERE

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