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Editorial photo content request: Rural towns & cities China – Old & New

This in from the Creative Director at an advertising agency with offices in London & New York:

We’re currently working on an editorial story that takes place in mainland China in 1983. We are looking for footage that is either from China in the 1980s or footage that could represent China during that time period.

Some very general footage that we would like includes rural towns, cities like Shenyang, Beijing, Hengyang, Hauiyin (Huai’an), and Guangchang, Factory towns and factory housing, Northern China (Lioaning province or similar) countryside in the winter, Jiangsu and Jiangxi countryside in the spring and summer. 

More specifically we’re looking for footage and news stories related to the places, and terms below:

  • Brothers Zongwei Wang Zonfang Wang
  • Shenyang (winter)
    • Wintertime, cityscape covered in snow
    • Hospital exteriors with snow
  • Train from Beijing to Guangzhou, somewhere between Hebei and Hubei provinces (winter)
    • train interior
    • train exterior
    • train at night
  • Henyang, or similar factory town (winter and early spring) 
    • Factory plant housing exteriors
    • bicycles on city streets and by factory plants
    • Factory plants
  • Danshan Bridge checkpoint, Wuhan (winter/early spring)
    • morning, bikes on bridge
  • Hauiyin (Huai’an) Jiangsu Province (summer/monsoon season)
    • Hills and fields
    • men on bikes
    • cityscapes
  • Guangchang, Jiangxi Province (summer/monsoon season)
    • cityscapes
    • men on bikes
    • small grocery stores
    • police
    • police in jeeps
  • Guangchang, Jiangxi Province, Nankengshan (Ditch Mountain) (late summer/ humid)
    • Mountainside
    • police in rural areas and hills/mountains

Also – If you have stills or audio/radio content to match this request please let us know:
All details to or call me on +44(0)7802437827 Thanks!

• If you would like us to post your photo or footage request email

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