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Flood stranded photo library boss bags image usage in UK newspaper

all photos © Paul Brown

Paul Brown, Managing Director at Mary Evans Picture Library, sent PAN these images following up an email we sent him last week …. wondered where you got to Paul!

“Hi Will, Sorry for the delay I got stuck in Venice when they closed the airport due to snow! Managed to find a hotel overnight but typically booked one in a part of Venice which had unexpectedly flooded. I guess the upside is that I got 13 photos in the Mail online today! (12 Feb)
And in case you want to see where my hotel was in the floods, you can check out the feature in the Mail… alas I was an hour’s walk from St. Mark’s Square and having already spent an hour in freezing water up to my knees to get these photos, there was no way I was going to get there and back at 1am in the morning, and get my flight home! My photos start fifth down. At least it was an exciting trip!”

Trust the photo usage paid for the flights Paul!