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For Sale: Boutique stock photo agency


Boutique stock agency Foto Sushi is closing its doors and selling its remaining library of images.

Founded in 2016 by experienced designers, Foto Sushi built a unique portrait library of ethnically diverse and authentic people that is incredibly easy to use compared to traditional headshots. Images are specifically set up for designers using consistent lighting making them simple to retouch, crop, and integrate into their work. The majority of the library has never been published and includes a diverse range of people across different ethnicities.

©Foto Sushi
©Foto Sushi
©Foto Sushi
©Foto Sushi
©Foto Sushi
©Foto Sushi

What’s Included:

Number of images: 1,990
Number of models: 265
Female models: 131 / 49%
Male models: 136 / 51%

  • Caucasian: 41%
  • Black: 16%
  • Asian: 15%
  • Hispanic: 10%
  • Multi-Ethnic: 10%
  • Indian: 5%
  • Middle Eastern: 3%

“There has been an ongoing misunderstanding between the way photographers are trained to shoot people and what the designer actually needs. Our main goal has always been to give creatives a beautiful set of images that are flexible and easy to edit.” Says founder, Jon Anderson.
View Jon’s The Gap Is Noticeable article on LinkedIn.

What makes Foto Sushi’s images designer-friendly:

  • Get multiple model images that go perfectly together—avoid searching for images that don’t match
  • Images are sharp (no soft depth-of field) so they are easy to clip out
  • 4 great light schemes (no flat stock lighting)
  • Regular people with a range of usable expressions
  • Big canvases that are design friendly
  • Whole model images with no crops
  • Group models together easily

As a test of popularity, Foto Sushi posted a single image on The portrait image has been downloaded over 197,000 times at an average of 4,000 times a month.
Unsplash Stats

For more information, please contact Foto Sushi’s founder, Jon Anderson at:


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