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Fund: Peter Dench new book ‘The British Abroad’ via Kickstarter – earn a kickback or two

↑ “The British Abroad is a reportage on the merry antics of the [young] British abroad photographed in all its glorious splendour and excess”

In 1989 UK photographer Peter Dench travelled on holiday to the party town of Magaluf, Majorca …25 years later he went back and photographed it all. The new book to in case his latest project will be in hardback titled The British Abroad and promises to deliver the Dench-eye-view on another section of the British public at play. ( his first two books were England Uncensored and A&E: Alcohol & England )
You can be part of this celebration earning your name in the book or a signed copy of the book and even a print …or maybe a pair of Peter’s swimming shorts from 1989! – view, support and get this book published through his Kickstarter page

↑ here’s a taster