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Get those camera drones in the air – let’s go newsgathering

Fantastic news here – pioneering news company CNN is to study the use of drones in newsgathing.
They say: Beginning this summer, CNN and Georgia Institute of Technology will embark on a joint research initiative to better understand the opportunities unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) present for media organizations, and to explore the access and safety issues that need to be addressed as part of any new regulatory framework. The project team will be staffed by senior members of CNN’s newsgathering team and researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute.
The effort will evaluate the technology, personnel and safety needs to operate effectively in the national air space. CNN and Georgia Tech Research Institute plan to share their research data with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as it considers regulations that will allow for the safe and effective operation of UAVs by media outlets.
“UAVs have a number of applications that benefit society, such as search and rescue, disaster response and agricultural mapping and crop assessment,” said Mike Heiges, Principal Research Engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. “We’re excited to be engaging with CNN to study the newsgathering applications for UAVs and look forward to working with one of the most respected news operations in the world.”

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