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Getty Images – Visual Trends 2018

© Bentom Wyemji / EyeEm/Getty Images

Getty Images have released their Visual Trends for 2018 as part of their annual creative guidebook, Creative in Focus.  Their top three world trends are:

• Masculinity Undone
• Second Renaissance
• Conceptual Realism

Based on Getty Images’ creative research by its visual experts and search and image data – one billion customer searches and 400 million downloads from its website each year – Getty Images’ ground-breaking visual forecast sets out macro and micro trends for the year ahead. The forecast acts as a guide for the media, advertisers, brands and businesses by reflecting on changes in the world and how they may develop over the coming 12 months.

See their report here.

Andy Saunders, Senior Vice President of Creative Content, Getty Images, said: “When imagery is everywhere it’s sometimes easy to forget how pictures can really move us emotionally and psychologically; how they can expand the limits of our world. It’s encouraging then that the visual trends we anticipate being important to brands and businesses in 2018 behold a sense of optimism: a vision of change, of new heroes and unrelenting creativity. For many people who were previously invisible, whose faces or bodies weren’t included in the mainstream media, this is important. These are small steps in making a more culturally rich and interesting world. But small steps can make a big picture.”

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