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Go See: Celebrity Photographer Brad Elterman – ‘Dog Dance’ – the exhibition

Brad Elterman MILK Studis
Brad Elterman MILK Studis
Brad Elterman MILK Studio Hollywood
Brad Elterman MILK Studis
Brad Elterman MILK Studis
↑ Brad and staff at MILK Digital prepare prints for the exhibition – all photos © Brad Elterman

Celebrity photographer and ex photo agency owner Brad Elterman has an exhibition of his most famous photos opening this month.
Dog Dance is on at:
MILK Gallery
APRIL 23 – MAY 18, 2014
NEW YORK, NY 10011

Brad told PAN: “I am delighted to be showing at MILK Gallery in New York. I am practically a permanent fixture at MILK Hollywood and I am so touched with the way they have embraced my work. This will be my first show in New York and I am bringing with me the iconic scene that occurred at the mansion behind the Beverly Hills Hotel where one of the guests stripped down to her panties and started to dance. I took fourteen frames of this legendary moment and if you missed the pool party back in 1977, you can witness it once again at the MILK Gallery with the magic of modern day technology. It’s gonna be epic!”