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Industry People: Tom Houghton is Locum Managing Media Editor – Nature Visuals

Tom Houghton at the Nature office in King’s Cross

Congratulations to Tom Houghton, who is now Locum Managing Media Editor of the Nature Visuals team. Tom was previously Media Editor for Nature, since joining in 2018, and is stepping up while his colleague is on maternity leave

Tom told PAN: “Nature Visuals is responsible for sourcing, editing and commissioning the editorial photography in the print and online editions of the Nature journal.

“We cover the latest in science, technology and research which often leads to photography projects where we’re liaising directly with researchers as they publish their breakthroughs – wherever they may be in the world.

“I was delighted that we were recently able to publish an in depth Pulitzer supported project on the Peruvian Amazon and the researchers and Indigenous communities fighting to stop its destruction where I’d been able to work with the great photographer Brett Gundlock.

“I’m looking forward to leading our great team of media editors – especially as we develop our next big photo projects. Currently we’re pulling together October’s Images of the Month where we highlight stunning science images from around the world which is always a treat to edit.”

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