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Launched: Media Storehouse integrates WordPress for new SNS Group photo site

Media Storehouse – the photo prints to digital asset management group – have successfully integrated WordPress into the new photo management site they run for the Scottish Visual Communications Agency, SNS Group.
They say: Scottish Visual Communications Agency SNS Group have been using the Media Storehouse (MSH) Content Management System (CMS) for the last ten years. In mid-2016 the agency decided they were rebranding, complete with a new website. They required a fresh front-end that they retained full control over whilst continuing to use the MSH CMS to hold their vast library of photography. This method of site build, using a combination of WordPress and our existing systems, is a first for Media Storehouse and something we’re very proud of.

Using the Media Storehouse WordPress plugin, we were able to seamlessly integrate SNS Group’s new site with the gallery and image hosting service we already provide.

Through the development stages SNS were given access to a designated test site where they designed and built their new website with the help of our developers. This gave the agency full control over the look, feel and functionality of the site, and the control that using WordPress as a CMS gives you, all the while managing the injection of MSH code into the site. The transition between MSH built pages and SNS Group pages is seamless with a consistent header, footer and styling which was made possible through use of the MSH WordPress plugin.

Media Storehouse Director, Matt Hamer, said “We have worked with SNS for many years and this new development will further enhance our offering and the service provided to SNS’s customers”

SNS, said “The final product is a website that’s visually stunning and scalable for today’s many devices, yet still primed with our excellent CMS.”

Both agree that this was a project well worth undertaking and look forward to continuing a long and successful relationship.

• Have a look around the new WordPress – MSH powered SNS site Here

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