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Launched: Microstock agency offers ‘mobile photojournalism platform’

Florida based microstock photo agency Depositphotos has launched a mobile photojournalism project called Clashot, and the Clashot iPhone application – to enable users to earn money selling their mobile photographs. The most newsworthy photos taken with Clashot will be available for sale in the Editorial section of Depositphotos.
They say: ‘Understanding that the modern media requires the highly dynamic delivery of visual content, Depositphotos makes a daring attempt to rethink and adapt the methods of generating and using visual products. It took more than two years to develop the Clashot project, and this work resulted in a multifunctional platform for editorial photographers, both professional and amateur.’
Photos uploaded to Clashot can be found, reviewed and acquired by news agencies, website owners and publishing houses from all over the world. Photojournalists/contributors will receive commissions for every photograph sold. Creating an independent platform for selling mobile content is among Depositphotos’ plans for the future development of Clashot.
“Our goal is to change the approach to the way in which relevant and fresh content is delivered to the customers. Furthermore, we want every smartphone user to get the reward he/she deserves for what is captured, as well as to have a chance to be recognized as a popular photographer. In addition, we hope that Clashot would become the first step toward the regulation of legal mobile content usage in mass media; to introduce the project, we’d like to suggest new mobile content licensing rules that would be clearer for sellers and buyers,” says Elena Flanagan-Eister, CEO of Depositphotos.
Clashot users can publish photographs captured with their mobile devices, discuss the latest photo reports from all over the world and share their own experiences with the community of enthusiasts.