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Launched: ‘Sequence’ – Shutterstock enables easy video mock ups via Chrome

Shutterstock Sequence
Shutterstock have launched Sequence to enable anyone to easily mock up a video by matching video and music from the Shutterstock collection, with footage and audio of their own.
They say: Sequence is a lightweight, easy-to-use video editing tool which lives entirely within your Chrome browser window. With Sequence, anyone can quickly search through over two million Shutterstock videos and audio tracks, dragging and dropping the files to build a video with ease. Once the video takes shape, it’s remarkably easy to save and share what you’ve created with friends and colleagues.
In addition to working with Shutterstock’s videos and music tracks, Sequence allows users to upload video and audio files of their own – by simply dragging and dropping them into the timeline from their desktop.
Available in Chrome now, the plan is to roll the tool out to additional browsers later this year.
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