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Leo Burnett Detroit chose StormStock for new Hummer ad

Leo Burnett Detroit chose StormStock for their new GMC Hummer EV SUV commercial.

Click through the new GMC Hummer above to view dramatic stock footage licensed from the StormStock collection

Martin Lisius, the owner/cinematographer at StormStock told PAN: “The few seconds that appear in the new spot required hundreds of hours, and thousands of miles to capture.

The imagery features “electrical storms” Lisius captured in Texas and Kansas on 6K video and Super 35mm film. These types of storms are highly electrified and provide the perfect visual for a powerful electric vehicle like this.
Although viewers may find Lisius’ storms “shocking,” he appreciates them for their calming ability. “I know all heck is breaking loose beneath them, but from my vantage point, miles away, they are actually quite peaceful and beautiful, like a fireworks show with muted rumbles of thunder. That’s unless they are heading my way.”

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