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Majority World Joins Forces With Italian Publishing House

fotofringe London exhibitor photo agency Majority World (the “photo agency with a difference” that reveals and promotes under represented local photographic talent from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East) has announced a partnership with Skira International in Milan to boost the visibility of locally sourced majority world imagery across the globe.

Dr Colin Hastings, MD at the agency told ‘The objective is to publish and distribute internationally our first MAJORITY WORLD ALMANAC 2012, a survey of stunning locally sourced images from the developing world which tell their positive, inspiring, and untold stories of everyday life, seldom covered by the western press. The project aims to widen the number of countries and photographers represented, and to create a more balanced understanding of contemporary life in the developing world as interpreted through the eyes of Majority World’s growing community of creative photographers.
Majority World and Skira are looking for another corporate partner to join the project. Sponsor/s would receive full publishing credit and recognition, with associated events on an annual basis. By providing for majority world photographers to make their work visible globally, the project will bring direct economic benefit through assignments, publishing sales and global sales of their stock imagery.’
Dr Colin Hastings can be contacted at the agency on :