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Matton Images offers enhanced subscription plans – ‘biggest bang for your buck’

Subscription based photo agency Matton Images have enhanced their subscription plans aiming to make them the most competitive deals in the picture business.
“When something becomes fashionable there’s always a tendency for folks to jump on the bandwagon and introduce a me-too product,” said Paul H. Henning, Managing Director of Matton’s North American operation. “In Matton’s case, however, we’ve actually been offering subscriptions for many years. But, we’ve really revitalized those subscriptions by looking at things from the customer’s perspective and insuring that Matton offers plans to art buyers that give them the very biggest bang for their buck.”
They say: Case in point: today’s best-known provider of stock subscriptions in the picture industry offers a plan where you pay $709 for three months (25 downloads-per-day) and only one person is legally allowed to download images.
But now at Matton Images you can buy a similar three month/25 downloads-per-day subscription for about half the cost (just $360) as well as have up to five people downloading images.
Further, that “other” subscription provider’s plan does not allow you to use your standard subscription images for TV, books and magazines, advertising posters and many other uses without paying for an additional “enhanced” license. At Matton you get all of that and more included in the standard subscription license, with no extra charges.
Not everyone needs 25 downloads per day, of course. So, Matton has several other equally cost-effective subscription plans for lower-volume stock content users and at prices that consistently trump the competition. Bottom line: a Matton subscription (which can range from three to 12 months in duration) gives high-volume content users instant access to almost 3 million high-quality stock photos, illustrations and vectors.