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Mega Agency to partner Snapper Media for Australasian news photos and videos market

Snapper Media in Sydney, Australia have partnered with the The Mega Agency .

In an email seen by PAN this morning the deal described as ‘operational changes here at Snapper Media’ goes on to say …’Today we are delighted to announce a new partnership agreement with The Mega Agency, which we firmly believe will ensure we remain the most competitive agency in the Australasian market. With the industry changing faster than ever before, we felt it was the perfect time for a fresh injection of both investment and innovation as far as our news and entertainment division was concerned. The merged businesses will trade under Mega’s name, with photos and videos available to clients through the agency’s new state-of-the-art website.’


Snapper Media was acquired by the Trunk Archive in 2013


•• This from the Press Release which dropped 20 mins after we announced the partnership:

‘Mega CEO, Tom Tramborg, a former Senior Director at Getty Images, said: “We are extremely delighted with this partnership, which will help us achieve our ambitious goals for rapid top-line and profit development. “With the satisfactory execution of our pre-launch plan, a number of exciting partnerships under way and our imminent global launch, we maintain very optimistic of our ability to truly disrupt the market.”
Agencies or individual photographers wanting Mega to sell their content directly in Australasia should make contact, he said.

Kym Shields, Managing Director of the Snapper Media Group, said she was excited by the partnership, “ Snapper Media’s Celebrity Studio and Creative Lifestyle divisions lead the market. The News and Entertainment genre is fast changing and this partnership ensures all of our divisions remain the most competitive in the world.’

Mega founder Kevin Smith, former owner of Splash News, said he was thrilled to have pulled off a deal which he said would be great news for both clients and contributors.He said adding Australia and New Zealand to the number of global territories in which Mega would be selling directly meant more money in the pockets of the all-important contributors – and promised more announcements in the run-up to launch.  Smith said: “With the fantastic content Snapper gets from its existing Entertainment News partners, and the new and exciting content Mega will be offering, we believe we’ll offer a package that is second to none.

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