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New image agency launched: ‘SilverHub Media’ – acquires 2 photo agencies


A new photo agency has launched this morning called SilverHub Media or just ‘SilverHub’ as co founder Nick Evans-Lombe (above top left in the agency Team photo) called it yesterday when he called the office to introduce his new venture. Nick says: “We think that some of the fun, creativity and excitement has gone out of the content business, and we want to bring it back. By drawing together great photographers, storytellers and curators with new technology solutions, we will help our clients all around the world to realise their visions.”
SilverHub kicks off with recent acquisitions of Action Press KG and The Picture Library Limited, which will form the foundations of a significant new imagery business which will revitalise the editorial photography industry, providing innovative solutions for customers, content owners and story tellers alike. Mark Leech (bottom right Team photo above) with his brilliant Offside sports archive and agency is also in the mix as a partner agency we assume – nice one Mark! …And Nick told me they will be looking to add more content.

They say: ‘SilverHub has been founded by an experienced and energised team with a deep passion for photography, who recognise the way customers’ needs are changing as the media landscape continues to evolve.
SilverHub will assemble fantastic content to help customers maximise their impact across both traditional and social media channels, as well as their products and other activations. SilverHub will go the extra mile to form a greater understanding of customers’ needs, and work with them to exceed their demands. As well as delivering new technology solutions to help traditional content work faster and smarter for its customers, SilverHub will also be bringing to the market cutting edge content across video, VR and other formats.
“Content creators, content users, corporate organisations, rights holders and individuals who want to tell their stories are just not being supported as they might by the industry at present. The SilverHub team will create exciting new offerings to meet these needs” commented Evans-Lombe.’

• The initial core of the content offering from SilverHub is formed by the following:
action press: ‘action press’ is an internationally respected press photography agency that was established in Hamburg over 40 years ago. It has more than 9 million images on its platform, and every day around 3,500 new up-to-the-minute photos are added to this platform from across all five continents. Action press is a leader in the German editorial industry with a particular strength in entertainment imagery.
The Picture Library : ‘The Picture Library’ is home to the photographs of Alan Davidson, one of the world’s best press photographers, based in the heart of London. Alan has been capturing the big stories and the big names for more than 30 years and now works with his talented photographer daughter, Joanne, and a host of other great photographers.
Offside – sports content: ‘Offside’ offers the very best in dynamic and artistic sports photography from across the sporting landscape. It is the exclusive home of the incredible work of Gerry Cranham, the first winner of the SJA Sports Photographer of the Year award, doyen of British sports photographers and one of sports photography’s great innovators. All of this amazing content is brought together by Mark Leech, winner of the Barclays Premier League ’20 Seasons Award’ and a standard bearer for the best in sports photography.
SilverHub will be adding more photographers and collections over the next few months as it builds out its offerings.

• The founders of SilverHub are :
Nick Evans-Lombe – previously Chief Operating Officer at Getty Images and the driving force behind the creation of its editorial business. Since leaving Getty in 2013, Nick has been involved with a number of early stage businesses in the digital media space, including Youpic AB and Readly International.
Adrian Murrell – leader of Getty Images’ editorial division from 2005 until 2013, Adrian has proven ability in building and leading a global, award-winning business. A renowned sports photographer himself.
Ulli Michel – currently managing director of Action Press, Ulli was previously a news photographer and Chief Editor at Reuters, founder of his own media business in 2000 and the leader of Getty Images’ editorial business in Europe from 2004 to 2010.
Marc Webbon – a significant track record of developing innovative content and unique technology solutions to the world’s major rights holders, brands and key media players, including the likes of LOCOG, Samsung, Nikon and Real Madrid.. His unique insight into the relationships between rights holders and their corporate and media partners will ensure SilverHub deliver inspiration, innovation and high quality content solutions.
Lucien Wynn – Lucien’s experience includes being CIO at a FTSE 250 company, and leadership at various technology startups. He has a strong background in cloud, asset management, service software and mobile applications and will lead SiverHub’s technology developments
Laura Ronchi – Laura founded the leading photo agency in Italy which she sold in 2006. She has unrivalled knowledge and experience of the European media and photography environment.
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