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New site: Everynight Images – ‘we are now a fully fledged creative photographic agency’

DebbieBraggOnPAN1 IMG_0466
Updated : 10 Nov – we had lunch!

Debbie Bragg started shooting the nightlife scene in London back in 2003 covering nightclubs and festivals and licensing the images through her photo agency Everynight Images. Debbie has been a subscriber to the newsletter from around the same time so she’s been on our radar over the years while Everynight Images grew and now has contributing photographers covering PR, nightlife, festivals, fashion, backstage, catwalk, portraits, travel and interiors.
Debbie dropped us an update and a few image sets….

Hi Will,
“We have launched a brand new site at to reflect our expansion of the agency side of the business. Having started Everynight as a picture library, I have got to know a range of talented photographers and it was a natural progression to start to represent the best of these for new shoots and we are now a fully fledged creative photographic agency. There are five photographers on the new site for the launch, and I will be adding more of my team shortly. There is a mix of highly experienced photographers, such as Victor Frankowksi, and new talent, such as Danny Peace, covering events, nightlife, fashion, portraits, lifestyle, interiors and travel. We can organise teams of shooters for bigger events, such as London Fashion Week and festivals. I have designed the site as a shoot based directory, so each time a photographer has a new shoot for Everynight, a selection of images are uploaded as a gallery. So it acts like a blog. The existing Everynight library, which is more than 10,000 youth culture images, is now hosted by Alamy. I have worked with Alamy for about 10 years and I really like their ethos. The complete collection is now housed with them, although we are still available for specific searches of the archive if you need something that is tricky to find!”