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New Website: Edward Quinn Archive – “When I did get a scoop, the paparazzi – with whom I stayed on quite friendly terms – would …”

Here’s a well thought out website from the estate of editorial photographer Edward Quinn – the new site features his photography while celebrating his busy career.

The home page features direct sections to Quinn’s photography important to the estate all backed up with very clear navigation options. Great work!
Edward Quinn photographed people and personalities through the 1950’s and 60’s. The archive is run by Quinn’s nephew Wolfgang Frei and family.

Highlights of the archive for picture editors :
• The estate owns complete rights to 180,000 negatives, 25,000 are digitised. Search and license.
• The most extensive photo database of Picasso worldwide with roughly 6000 photographs and
• The big stars: Brando, Bardot, Burton and all the others
• Up close with the great race car drivers: Monaco GP from 1951 onward
• The celebrities: aristocrats, politicians, film directors and authors
• Street photography: London in 1950, Dublin in 1963
• Back when the Romani people in the Carmargue still lived beyond the gaze of tourists.
• Artist portraits: from Hockney to Baselitz
• Rare automobiles from the 1950s: Veritas, Hotchkiss, Lea-Francis and more
• The stars with their beloved pets
• The super-yachts of the super-rich
• Photography behind the scenes: the contact sheets

The website features a section from the photographers notes on encounters with various personalities …including working up against the paparazzi – …”When I did get a scoop, the paparazzi – with whom I stayed on quite friendly terms – would always acknowledge it.”

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