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Official: ‘Offset’ from Shutterstock has launched – ‘high-end stock imagery market disruptor’

Offset, a high-end imagery platform from dynamo photo agency Shutterstock has launched officially after being in beta availablility since April this year.
Offset opens with a collection of 45,000 authentic, narrative images from 100 renowned artists and bills it’s self as a disruptor of the high-end imagery market with simple, transparent licensing – small files are currently priced at $250 and large files are $500.
They say: The site features work from respected assignment photographers David duChemin and Gentl and Hyers, and collections including National Geographic and Cavan Images.
“Shutterstock disrupted the image industry by making high-quality photos, illustrations and videos easily available to creative customers around the globe,” said Shutterstock VP of Content Scott Braut. “Offset represents a breakthrough standard in pre-shot imagery because it is the first brand to combine modern, exceptionally curated, assignment-quality images with the simplicity of a royalty-free license. Offset images are perfect for high-profile uses where emotional impact matters, such as in advertisements, editorial stories, websites and corporate communications.”

Offset in brief:
Q: How is Offset content different from Shutterstock content?
A: In contrast to Shutterstock’s submission and review process, each Offset image is hand-selected by a team of curators. The Offset team seeks out exceptional photos and illustrations with specific qualities:
• Beautiful images that tell a story alone or together
• Authentic and natural-looking images
• Sophisticated and contemporary art direction and style
• The highest production values and standards

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