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Orchard Clips now licensing the Baim film collection – 35mm ‘quota-quickies’ travelogues

Middle East and North Africa footage content library Orchard Clips are now licensing The Baim Collection of films.

Archive Notes: Harold Baim.  Director, writer and prolific producer of 35mm short features for UK cinema release, sometimes called ‘quota-quickies’, his early films featured variety acts.  His later films were mainly colourful widescreen travelogues filmed in Great Britain, Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, often with commentaries by celebrated actors and broadcasters including Telly Savalas, Nicholas Parsons and Terry Wogan.   
Over one hundred and twenty short colour films and two feature films survive. Most of the films are in colour and around one hundred have been digitised, many scanned to HD and some to 4k. 

Orchard say: ‘We’re pleased to announce we now represent The Baim Collection to market their films from the Middle East. Orchard Clips has taken on travelogue films shot across Jordan, Lebanon and Israel between 1961 and 1973 and packaged them up for clip sales.’

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