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Owen Beiny leaves paparazzi agency WENN – starts new business

Photo supplied ©WENN

Owen Beiny – the son of WENN CEO Lloyd Beiny – is leaving the paparazzi agency after 19 years to start his own business.
Owen who has headed up the agency’s Los Angeles office for the last 12 years  – he was only meant to be there for a month – is starting which encompasses his passion for arranging the most efficient credit card points, air miles & travel for himself and friends. Now he is turning what was his hobby  into a full time business. He told “I’ve spent years capturing some of the best LA pap pix around for WENN and I’ve spearheaded the company’s growth in celebrity photos. But I now have a family and I can’t react to the 24/7 time sensitive pap world any longer. All good things come to an end and it’s time for me to pursue my enthusiasm for a project I’ve been quietly developing for a year or so.”

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Dad told us:  “Nepotism has always ruled at WENN and let’s be honest, Owen only got the job because he is my son.  So imagine my surprise when he turned into not only the best sales person ever had but a pap who single-handedly changed the industry. His influence over the LA pap fraternity is legend and he’s made me extremely proud to be his father. Despite him remaining as a part owner of the business I recognize it’s time for him to flee the nest and develop his own business and of course I and all WENN staff around the world, wish him the very best of fortune with it. Meanwhile WENN will be making an announcement soon about developments with our LA photo production personnel.”

See you in LA next time Owen …you can get my travel points in order !

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