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Photo Archive News is visited daily by stock photographers, picture library owners and staff, picture researchers, picture editors and art directors. We see around 15,000 visits to the site a month registering 35k page views.

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✮ “Hi, I am looking for 2 x London Based Picture Researchers for Thursday and Friday this week”…. I used Google and typed in “Picture Researchers London” and found – thanks!” – Bex, Production Manager Pretzel Films, London.
✮ I love your Picture Archive News forum and read it avidly – Jane Sherwood Picture Editor of the Sunday Express Newspaper.
✮ Quick note to say that I really look forward to receiving PhotoArchiveNews!: picture research and copyright clearance specialist
✮ UK national newspaper Picture Editor: ‘Always a good read and it makes up for the lack of face to face get togethers these days which always were great for industry ‘gossip’
✮ Photo Agency owner: ‘Thanks for the PAN email newsletters each week I always read them with interest
It’s a great way of keeping in touch with whats going on in our industry’
✮ Picture Editor at a UK Book Publisher: “If you are a photo agency I should know about then send you news to that’s where I keep tabs on the stock photo industry”
✮ Picture Researcher Los Angeles: “Thanks Will – I do enjoy receiving your newsletter, it’s really good source of information and I’m amazed I hadn’t heard about it before.”
✮ Photo Agency Owner: Good to see your site growing and doing such a great job on reporting industry news.
✮ Photo Library Manager: “Just to say, I’ve been enjoying your postings for a while now and always find them really interesting and a great way to catch up on the goings on of the industry.” – Photographer Sydney Low on his blog: syd-low
✮ “Enjoying PAN as much as ever, informative and useful great way to keep updated on industry news.” Cheryl Yates Newspix Manager
✮ “Thanks Will, I’ve been your site for years, it’s one of my go-tos.” Helen at The Hell Gate photo agency.
✮ “Fantastic resource.” Freelance Picture researcher.

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