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Paul Melcher: iTune The Photo Licensing Industry

Photo business observer Paul Melcher writes: ‘iTune it’
‘Just like the music industry, with which it shares many similarities, the photo licensing world is ripe to be iTuned.’
‘The industry landscape is dispersed and confused. None of the photo licensing companies know what to do. From the Getty images to the small mom and pops that have been around for 5,000 years ( it seems) , everyone is playing the wait and see game. Some try various solutions in the hopes it will lead to a new golden age but none innovate.
Furthermore, even with the Getty/ Corbis consolidations, it is still a very disparate world with deep resentments and personal conflicts. From one company to the other, there is suspicion, continuous poaching, and overall despise…..’ read on here at Paul’s blog: Thoughts of a Bohemian