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PG December: Gavin Kent – ‘I Didn’t Kill Doris Day’s Dog’

The December issue of Press Gazette carries a story on ‘Photography legend’ Kent Gavin on how he didn’t kill Doris Day’s dog’. PG Editor Dom Ponsford has highlighted a few other articles in this months issue:
– In-depth round-up of a soul-searching Society of Editors conference. Mirror editor Richard Wallace : “The Sun became a tool of the broader business ad political interests of the organisation.”
– Investigation into the questions that are being raised over the way the reputations of some journalists have been unfairly trashed by being arrested and/or sacked in connection with phone-hacking.
– John Dale on why national newspaper editors should open themselves up to public scrutiny: “It is time editors – indeed all journalists – were dragged kicking and screaming into the daylight. No more skulking in the shadows and hiding away. They must be prepared to turn their faces to the sun, and sometimes get burnt.”
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