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Photo agency StormStock first to offer 16K video stock – view the results

Martin Lisius shooting 16K in central Texas

Storm Stock owner Martin Lisius emailed PAN this week to say his agency is now producing and offering 16K content.
Early this year, Lisius built and tested a 16K camera system that could film at a mind-blowing 15,985 x 5792 resolution (2.76 “Panavision 70”). Once he completed with testing, he headed out to the prairies of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming to search for supercells, the rarest and most powerful type of thunderstorm.

The result of his effort is a short film titled “Prairie Wind,” a 4-minute tribute to the skies over America’s Tornado Alley. PAN readers can view this in HD, 4K or 8K below ↓

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