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Photo researcher test: Mencarini Film Quiz at Lebrecht – includes keyword clues and a prize

A nifty quiz here from London based photo library Lebrecht Music & Arts – They say: “Win an Iconic Film Photo! Mencarini Film Quiz at Lebrecht. Can you recognise these film directors and actors? Send us an email with the correct names. The first person to be pulled out of the Lebrecht lucky dip wins a Marcello Mencarini film icon photo of their choice.
Email answers to by Friday 24th July.

Mencarini and selective keyword clues in the caption.
1. Actor fond of driving a taxi
2. American actor, famous for his Mafia role (1990 Venice Film Festival)
3. American actor in Rome, married a Welsh actress
4. Smoking was still in fashion in 1984
5. In 1960 this Italian actress was directed by Vittorio de Sica in this
6. American actor, famous for his role as Han Solo
7. American film director of ‘The Temptation…..’
8. French film director with ‘une femme’
9. American film director in 1991 – recent winner of the Gish Prize
10. Italian director fond of spaghetti
11. German actress known for her work with Rainer Werner Fassbinder
12. Italian director known for his films of opera and stunning opera
13. The word ‘Christmas’ appears in one of his films
14. Do you know this middle aged Swedish couple at the Venice Film Festival?
15. Italian film directors and brothers
16. French actor – or maybe he is Russian?
Email answers to by Friday 24th July.