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Photojournalist Rick Findler on his speaking gigs … ‘what is more important are the talks to the schools and colleges’

Rick on stage talking photos

We last reported on photojournalist Rick Findler in 2020 (see the PAN report) when he had just updated his website – now he’s added a Speaking service to the site.

PAN caught up with Rick, who is just back from covering the current situation in Israel and Palestine, here’s what he told us about his speaking gigs: “I do thoroughly enjoy doing the talks. It is a way to give them an insight into just what it takes to get some of the pictures that they see in the papers or online.”

“The corporate talks are pretty straight forward and pay exceptionally well, but what is more important are the talks to the schools and colleges, where knowledge and understanding of our industry is at such a minimal level. The talk isn’t just about ‘me’… but I talk about the importance of deciphering between real news and fake news, especially in todays world. And it acts as a reminder to trust in legitimate publications and sources, the importance of doing ones own research into a story and having a better understand of it, as well as opening their eyes to an exciting profession outside the realms of standard education.”

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