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Picture Researcher available for projects – Anna Luccarini in Milan

Anna, locked in but good to work

PAN newsletter subscriber Anna Luccarini works as a freelance picture researcher in Milan, Italy – PAN contacted her this morning to see how she was getting on now the Coronavirus lock down is in full flow.

“Hi Will, at the moment I’m working as a freelance but with the Virus it has become more and more complicated… all the events/exhibitions we (Anna had been working with the Alinari Archives ) organised were postponed and who knows what will happen.”

Anna is available for photo projects now, here’s the bio she sent over:

Anna Luccarini lives and works in Milan.
She began her professional career working at the Marka photo agency, where  she managed the international relations and in particular the exclusive distribution in Italy of Getty Images.
From 2005 to 2011 she is the photo editor of the monthly magazine Ventiquattro, published by Il Sole 24 Ore, and teacher at the Masters of the group’s Business School.
She later moves to Mexico, where she lived for two years, working as a journalist and picture editor for the Organización Internacional del Trabajo, a United Nations organization dedicated to fight against child labor in the country.
Back to Italy, she works in the photojournalistic agency Parallelozero, following both the realization of the reportages and the subsequent editing of the images. She then cooperates with Still Fotografia, owned by Denis Curti, and with Discovery Channel (Channel 9) as iconographic researcher for the tv program “Imagine” by Roberto Saviano.
From June 2015 to July 2019 she has been working on editorial, exhibition and communication projects for the Alinari Archives in Florence.

• Contact Anna with your photo project needs on: +39 335 7608831  or +390245474925

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  • I Will, I think Anna has a little confusion.

    The Getty Images exclusive distribution started in Italy, from day one in 1995, with Laura Ronchi S.p.A. and finished when I decided to sell Laura Ronchi S.p.A. to Getty Images. They have, since 2012, their own office in Milan.

    This for clarity.

    Thank you.

    Laura Ronchi

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